Epic cycle ride undertaken by unfit, overweight, not middled aged lady

I visited Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in 2002. One of the things that really struck me about the countries was the indefatigable people, the welcome extended to visitors and the simple joy taken in small pleasures. But, having visited the Museum of the American War in Ho Chi Minh City, seen the 'Danger UXB' signs in Laos and read the good news headline in a paper in Cambodia: ' Deaths from UXBs down to 3 this month. Only 40 maimed.' I was acutely aware of the toll still being taken on the population.

Over the years I have pondered the munitions still there and this year I have finally decided to get off my bottom and do something. So I have, somewhat impetuously and with little regard for my physical fitness, cycling ability or dodgy left knee decided to join the MAG cycle ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Ankor Wat. I will be doing this the first week or so in Feb 2011 and it does involve a couple of days of over 100km in 30 degree heat. Having signed up I have been told that neither a rickshaw nor an electric bikes are options and that doing the distance on my own pedals is expected.

Donation link is further down on the right - I have paid for my own flights and contributed enough to cover living expenses so all money raised from sponsorship will go to MAG.

This is my blog of my progress to get on the road and when I am there - assuming I will be capable of rational thought after a day of unaccustomed exercise.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gaggling Geese and goggling glamas

Polar bears spotted .... ok lamas but they are white :-)
Ok - all been a bit fraught... what with the fact that England suddenly migrated to the North Pole tail end of last week. Went out for a 17kms ride last Thurs and came back meaning to do a blog but due to frostbite I was unable to type..... I did manage to do 7 miles (after the ride!) on the exercise bike once I had chipped my legs out of the ice though.

Having been unable to fathom how to either take the central heating on the bike or keep several hot water bottles attached to various bits of my anatomy while cycling I have confined myself to the exercise bike. Unfortunately I have discovered that it has a far more uncomfortable saddle than my bike, even with the benefit of the nappy leggings. So, I am now debating the merits of adding a gel cover to my Santa/Amazon wish list but also wondering if there is a bogof offer and whether double gel is better than single gel? hmm - I believe that there will need to be some empirical research done and whether there is a manufacturer out there willing to sponsor it...if so I am willing to go the extra mile to find out the answer :-)

Winter sun near the Barge Hertford
Even with the resulting - ahem - hurty bottom difficulties I am doing a regular 10 to 17 miles on the exercise bike which I reckon is about 14 - 25kms so 25% of the way there... not brill but an improvement. There has been a theory, proffered by a number of people, that suddenly it will all click and I will double my distance overnight. I must admit to being a bit cynical about this and am just trying to get myself into the sort of shape where teeth gritted, British stiff upper lip, alcohol (possibly) fueled determination will just have to carry me over to the finish line. I realise that this might not be the approved training method but it is all I currently have as an option :-)
A gaggle of geese giggling... ok maybe not :-)

I have been advised that I need to get one of these hydrating camel gizmos... I like the idea but bit put off by the fact you have to wear it as a backpack.  As I am sure everyone knows ladies do not perspire but glow; having said that in 30 degs I think I will be glowing like a good 'un and don't fancy having a plastic bag on my back preventing said 'glow' evaporating.

Piccies this blog were mostly taken before last weekend... as the lack of icebergs following the geese demonstrates. Vicky signing off, not even contemplating going out for a walk and will definitely not be going to be some time. 


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